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Current Projects
Client and Project Location Scope of work Date of award Contract value (Indian Rupees) Present Status
Doosan Power System India Private Ltd. 2x660MW Jawaharpur, Uttar Pradesh.
Erection, Testing, Commissioning and handing over of Unit #1 & 2 Boiler, Power Cycle Piping package of 2x660MW Jawaharpur Super Thermal Power Station, Uttar Pradesh.
15-02-18 1,320,000,000 Under Mobilization
Ennore SEZ Thermal Power project(Boiler) 2x660MW Chennai,Tamil Nadu.
Handling of Materials at BHEL / Clients Stores / Storage Yard and transportation to Erection location, Erection, Testing and Assistance for commissioning and Trial Operation including supply and application of final Painting of Boiler & auxiliaries, Air Pre Heaters, Ducts & Dampers, Boiler Integral Piping, structure for bunker, Fans, Bowl mills, Rotating Equipment’s, Auxiliary boiler and auxiliaries etc., of UNIT-1 of 2x660MW Ennore SEZ Super Critical Thermal Power Project.Thiruvallur Dt, Tamil Nadu.
10-10-17 36,25,00,000 10% Completed
Gujrat State Electricity Corporation(FPS) 1x800MW Wanakbori, Gujrat.
Handling at site stores / storage yard, transporting to site inspection, pre-assembly, erection, alignment, welding, NDT, fixing of hangers & Supports, water flushing, hydro testing, surface finish, supply & application of primer & Finish paints, Wrapping & coating including labeling & Flow direction on the equipment’s, piping & hangers and Supports, pre-commissioning, commissioning, trial operation & handing over to customer for piping of Fire Protection System and Fire Water Pump house Equipment etc. 1x800MW, Wanakbori TPS Unit#8
16-09-17 2,93,70,520 10% Completed
North Chennai Thermal Power project 1x800MW North Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Erection and Commissioning of Electrostatic Precipitator and it’s Auxiliaries, That includes handling of materials at BHEL \client’s stores\storage yard, transportation to site of Erection, Erection, Testing & Assistance for commissioning and Trial Operation, including supply and application of final Painting of ESP and its Auxiliaries, Ducts& Dampers, duct support structure etc...
07-02-17 10,70,00,000 40% Completed
Gujrat State Electricity Corporation(STG) 1x800MW Wanakbori, Gujrat.
Collection of Material from BHEL/ Clients Stores/ Storage yard; Transportation to site; Erection testing & commissioning, Trial Operation and handing over of steam turbine, Generator set, Integral Piping, HP/LP Heaters, Tanks & vessels, DG set, Pumps & Other BOI, Insulation, including supply and application of Final Painting ETC for 1x800MWGSECL Wanakbori Project at 1x800MW GSECL Wanakbori Project In Gujarat State.
03-01-17 7,47,00,00 45% Completed
Gujrat State Electrity Corporation(Boiler) 1x800MW Wanakbori, Gujrat.
Collection of Materials at BHEL/client's storage yard/stores, Transportation to site, Erection, testing & assistance for commissioning, trail operation and handing over of boiler and its auxilliaries,APH,ducts&dampers,Fuel piping, boiler integral piping & associated valves SP,fans,power cycle piping, Coal mills & coal feeders,Insulation,final painting etc.
17-12-15 47,93,11,352 80% Completed
Lanco vidharbha Thermal Power Project 2X660MW (Unit 1&2) at Mandhva Village,Wardha District, Maharashtra.
Erection, Testing, Commissioning of 2X660MW (Unit 1&2) Boiler & Auxiliaries at Lanco vidharbha Thermal Power Project, Mandhva village, wardha dist. Maharashtra.
09-09-2015 71,04,52,710 20% Completed
NTPC Gadarwara Super Thermal Power station 2X800MW , Gadarwara, MP.
Erection Alignment & Welding, Testing, Painting and Handing over of Bunker structure, Raw coal bunkers, Transfer points, trestles and conveyer galleries and misc, Civil Works for unit-1 at 2X800MW, NTPC Gadarwara Super thermal power station.
13-07-2015 11,76,51,858 95% Completed
NTPC Gadarwara Super Thermal Power station 2X800MW , Gadarwara, MP.
Supply of Materials for the works of MS embedments, Doors, Windows, Glazing, Roofing / Side Cladding, Rain Water Down Take Pipes, Structural Steel Painting, Gratings, Mild Steel Bolts, High Strenth Structural Bolts, PTFE Bearings, MS Hand Railings, Concreting for Bunker Structures, Raw Coal Bunkers, Coal Handling Transfer Points for Unit-1 at 2X800MW NTPC Gadarwara STPP.
13-07-2015 7,43,91,176 95% Completed
Sintex Infra Project Ltd, Unit 1 & 2 of 2x150MW, Waghode, Shindkheda, Maharashtra.
Erection, Testing, Commissioning and handingover of Steam turbine, Turbo Generator, Condenser, TG Integral Piping,HP & LP Heaters, Deaerator, with associated Equipments/Tanks/Vessels, FST & Deaerator, LP Bypass system with associated platform, power cycle pumps & auxiliaries in Unit 1 & 2 of 2x150MW
26-02-2014 5,18,59,128 98% Completed
NTPC, MUNPL Meja Thermal Power Project, Unit-I & Unit-II (2x660MW) Allahabad, UP.
Material handing & Unloading, Erection, Testing commissioning & final painting of ESP for 2x660MW for MUNPL, Meja Thermal Power project, Allahabad, UP.
18-12-2013 27,37,41,000 90% Completed
Visa Power Limited Unit 1 of 2X600 MW VPL, Deveri & Dumarpali, Raigarh District. Chattisgarh.
Erection, Testing, & Commissioning, Trial Operation and Handing over of Boiler and its Auxiliaries including ESP, Air Preheaters, Ducts and Dampers, Fans, Fuel Piping, Boiler Integral Piping, Power cycle piping, Chemical dozing system, Lining & Insulation, Final painting, etc of Unit 1 of 2 X 600 MW
22.07.2011 617,365,000 20% Completed
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